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Morocco is a democracy, a nation consisting of multi-ethnic groups with a rich culture, civilization, and etiquette. Through Moroccan history, Morocco hosted many people in addition to the indigenous Berbers, coming from both East (Phoenicians, Jews and Arabs), South (Sub-Saharan Africans) and North (Romans and Vandals). All of which have had an impact on the social structure of Morocco. It conceived many forms of beliefs, from paganism, Judaism, Christianity to Islam.

Each region possesses its own special uniqueness, contributing to a colorful, national culture. Morocco has set among its top priorities the protection of its diversity and the preservation of its cultural heritage.

In the political world, Morocco is referred to as an Arab state and sometimes as an African state. The majority of Morocco's population is Arab by identity. At least a third of the population speaks the Amazigh language. During the Islamic expansion, some Arabs came to Morocco and settled in the flat regions as Tadla and Doukkala. For example there are groups called Charkawa and Arbawa who settled in Morocco from Arabia. The Charkawa claimed to be descended from Umar ibn Al-Khattab, the second caliph of Islam.

The universal romance of Moroccan culture was captured on the global screen in the record breaking movie Casablanca many decades ago.

Since then, Morocco has moved forward in so many diverse ways, from politics and business to hi-tech and tourism. But in doing so, the Kingdom of Morocco has never lost it's cultural warmth and its sincere, honest welcoming of those from different nations. 





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